Trimming Tiny Nails

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What's the best way to trim my baby's fingernails?

Trimming Tiny Nails

Most children don't like having their nails clipped, but it's a necessary evil - for both the child and the parent. Here are a few easy steps, courtesy of Ladies Home Journal, to trimming tiny nails. - Use one hand to hold your baby's finger or toe and the other to clip. To reduce the likelihood of a pinch or cut, press the skin under the nail down and out of the way. - Trim the nail and round off any sharp edges. For fingernails, follow the nail's natural shape. For toenails, trim straight across. - When it's all done, smooth any rough edges with a soft emery board. If old enough, your child can do this, too, and work to lessen the anxiety of future clippings.



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