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Home Remedies For Your Nails, Part 2

Ever wonder how the state of your nails relates to your overall health? By looking at your nails, you can determine what vitamins and minerals your body is using, and what you're lacking. Here are some tips and common household items/groceries that will help produce a healthier nail, and a healthier body.
-If your nails are thin, peeling or showing white spots or ridges, you need more zinc in your diet. Zinc can be found in legumes, beans, mushrooms, and whole grains.

-If your nails are shaped like spoons, or look fluted, it's time to get some more iron in your diet. This can also mean a deficiency of Vitamin A in your diet. Time to incorporate more greens, carrots and melon into your diet, as well as iron-rich red meat.

-If your nails are brittle, this may be a sign that you need more biotin. Biotin is found in yeast mushrooms, grapefruit, watermelon, bananas, and strawberries. "Biotin is absorbed into the core of the nail, where it may encourage a better, thicker nail to grow," says Richard K. Scher, M.D., professor of dermatology and head of the Nail Section at Columbia University-Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City.

-Fragile nails and nails with ridges signal a lack of Vitamin B. Carrots, spinach, brown rice, melon, and walnuts are good, natural sources of Vitamin B that you can add to your diet.

Is there a quck and easy way to relieve tired achy feet?

Quick Relief For Feet

Looking for an easy way to rid tired feet from aching? Try using a foot spray, which can be found at beauty suppl stores like Aveda, The Body Shop, H2O, Bath and Body Works, and even at your local drugstore or online retailer. These sprays can be stored in the refrigerator for a cool spritz of re-hydration and invigorating relief of tired/achy feet.

What is a good hydrator for my cuticles?

Solar Oil For Cuticle Maintenance

Solar Oil is used as a cuticle treatment and can be found at many well-known spas or beauty supply stores online. Solar oil is a type of nail conditioner which blends jojoba, vitamin E, rice bran oil and sweet almond oil for a nourishing addition to your nails and cuticles. Cuticles can become dry and dehydrated frequently and this oil is a great moisturizer that can be used daily. Apply with nail polish brush (it comes with) and rub into cuticles and nails with fingers morning and night.

Is there a certain nailfile I should use on my natural nails?

Nail File For Natural Nails

Are your nails natural, long, and pretty? Make sure to keep them that way by using the proper nailfile. A softer grain file is best for natural nails as it is gentle and won't split the nail. A rougher file may damage the nail and cause it to weaken. You can find these files in different shapes and sizes at any drugstore or beauty supply store.


Home Remedies For Your Nails

Not all nail products are found at your beauty supply store. According to the Doctor's Book of Home Remedies, many nail care products can be found in your kitchen cabinets. While good hydration and water is essential for nail care and skin care, cooking with oil is a great moisturizer for your hands and nails. "A regular soaking with vegetable oil is very effective. It replenishes the moisture lost from having your hands in and out of water frequently," says Dr. Herbert Luscombe, M.D., professor emeritus of dermatology at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. Also, because vegetable oils are mainly all-natural, they don't contain alcohol-enhanced fragrances, which can dry out nails. No need to soak in a bowl of oil, though. Just dab a little on your nails, or use a small manicure brush to brush on the on the oil and then massage it into the nail.

How can I help my tired and cracked feet?

Spas For Your Feet

Tired of dry and cracked feet? Plenty of products are now on the market to soothe your tired toes, and they are especially for feet. Try looking for a foot mask; one that has a clay base to detoxify. Also look for ingredients like aloe, vitamins, cocoa butter, eucalyptus and/or peppermint oil, as these tend to soothe achy feet along with intense moisturizing effects. Are you on your feet for the majority of the day and need a way to recoup for the next morning? Try using a soak especially for feet. Ingredients like aloe, vitamins, and essential oils such as bergamot, eucalyptus, and peppermint can be used in the tub or in a foot spa. A foot spa can be found at any major drugstore and is made specifically for tired feet.

What type of file should I use for my artificial nails?

Nail File For Artificial Nails

Not all nails are created equal, and neither are nail files. Do you have artificial nails? Make sure to use the right type of nailfile. Artificial nails are much tougher and stronger than natural nails and need a rougher file. These types of files can be found in any drugstore or beauty supply store. Make sure to maintain your manicure by keeping a file near you in case you get a don't want the artificial nail to rip off!

How can I be sure my nail salon is clean?

State Laws Regarding Your Nails

Every state has its own laws regulating cosmetology and salon sanitation procedures, but it is always good practice for a salon to do the most it can in helping prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Here are some simple sanitation tips: - Always disinfect tools and manicure stations before a new client - Always follow a hand sanitation regimen to prevent the spread of germs and fungus. Any salon that doesn't follow conscientious sanitation practices is probably not a good choice for a nail service.

What can I do for ridges in my nails from picking at them?

Ridge Fillers

Do you pick at your fingernails? Have your nails started to look brittle and weak? Try using a "ridge filler" before applying polish color. A ridge filler is like a base coat and "fills in" the cracks and peeling of the nail. Make sure to moisturize hands and feet daily for extra strong nails.

Is there a difference in nail clipper sizes?

Nail Clippers Can Make, or Break, Nails

Are you using the right nail clipper? Ever notice that there are different size nail clippers? Tiny one's for babies, larger one's for nails, and even larger one's for toenails. As you get older your nails change and the proper and routine use of nail clippers play an essential role. Toes can tend to be harder to clip so larger clippers work better to grip and cut. Using toenail clippers on your fingernails can split the nail so make sure to use the proper nail clipper for your fingers and toes.

Should I invest in a manicure/pedicure set?

Investing in a Manicure Kit

Investing in a manicure/pedicure set during spring and summer is vital. You want your hands and feet looking their best at any and all times, so having a manicure/pedicure set with you can help keep nails looking their best. Some manicure and pedicure sets are small enough to put in your purse or briefcase for emergency polish touch-ups. Make sure nails and toenails are trimmed to your liking, filed, and polished, even using just a sheer coat. Keep skin and nails moisturized daily for healthy looking skin and strong nails.

When should I use an acetone nail polish remover?

Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Are your nails artificial? Is your nail polish coming off and you need to touch up before you can get back to your manicurist? Make sure to use a nailpolish remover WITH acetone. Acetone will quickly remove polish from artificial nails without drying out your natural nail. Make sure to put a color back on nails so they look like your own again.

What's the best topcoat most nail spa's use?

The Best Seche

Seche, pronounced "Se-Shay", is a spa-like line of nail care products that are tested and developed specifically for the caring of finger and toe nails. Known for their amazing topcoat that prevents chipping and peeling, the Seche line also includes nail polish and nail care solutions enhanced with aromatherapies, essential and botanical oils, AHA and vitamins. Be careful with Seche, though, it's fast-acting!

Is there a difference in footfiles?

Different Kinds of Footfiles

The use of a Footfile is a must year-round, and especially for the open-toed sandals of summertime. A footfile looks like sandpaper on a stick, but a footfile treats feet more than fairly. There are different kinds of footfiles, some are used wet and others used dry. Dry footfiles can be used daily as they are usually softer and less intense. Wet one's should be used with a foot scrub to remove dead skin cells and rough patches. Both should be followed with an intense foot creme to restore dehydration.

Are nail clippers allowed on airplanes?

Your Nails Can Be Considered a Deadly Weapon

We all want to carry our nail care sets with us in the event of a nail emergency, but be careful when traveling. Since the attacks on America on Sept. 11, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set specific guidelines on what can, and cannot, be taken on an airplane. In some cases, nail clippers and cuticle clippers are not allowed. The most recent revision of the FAA-approved carry-on items does include nail and cuticle clippers, but it is subject to different airports. If you're asked to remove your nail or cuticle clippers from your carry-on bag before boarding the plane, do so immediately. You can always purchase another clipper at your next destination.

How should I be filing my nails?

How to Correctly File Your Nails

Do your natural nails crack and chip a lot? Before you invest in cutting edge nail polish or miracle nail hardener, try filing your nails. Improper nail filing can result in nail cracks and chips. Start by filing from outer edge of your nail in, on both sides of the nail. Filing as if you were sawing can ruin the nail and crack nail instantly. Less filing can help build up nail strength.

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