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How long will a manicure last?

A Lasting Manicure

According to nail stylists, a simple manicure or pedicure will last one to two weeks, depending on your lifestyle and the amount of stress you put on your hands and feet. It is also dependent on the type of manicure or pedicure you've had. If you have artificial nail services, such as acrylics, tips, wraps and gels, your artificial will maintain a fresh look for a longer period of time. You can help maintain the look of your nails between salon visits but applying a top coat to your nails every couple of days, and using hand moisturizers and cuticle oils before bedtime.

Do I have to use a base coat and top coat?

Using a Base and Top Coat

A base coat and top coat are imperative for taking care of your nails. A base coat protects the nail and the top coat leaves the color shiny and protected from chipping or peeling. Leaving these two steps out can make nails look dull and old.

How do I keep nails looking their best?

Keep Nails Looking Their Best

Nail polish always chipping? Can't figure out why? Make sure you are using thin and even coats of polish. Always use a base coat, let dry, then two coats of polish, applied thinly and let dry. Then apply top coat, even and thin, over polish color. Using quick and thin strokes of color will keep nails looking their best.

Can certain colors of nail polish change the way my finger shape looks?

Changing The Appearance of Your Nails

Did you know that certain colors of nail polish can make your hands look larger or smaller? Darker colors like deep burgundies and plums tend to make the nail and finger appear shorter and wider. While lighter colors make the nail and finger appear long and lean. Who knew nail polish worked like your wardrobe?

How do I get polish off my cuticles and fingers after applying nail polish?

Correction Pens For Nails

Always try to do a great manicure/pedicure at home but can't stop getting polish on cuticles and fingers? Worry no more. There are plenty of correction pens that are easy to use and cheap to buy that erases nailpolish where it is not wanted. Let polish dry on nails at least one hour before using these correction pens. Correction pens can be found at your local drugstore, beauty supply store or online retailer.

Are there certain nail polish lines you would recommend for natural nails?

Great Colors for Natural Nails

OPI, Essie, and Lippman collections of nail polish colors look great on all women. The names of these polishes are so funny they are hard to forget! Popular with spa's and at home, these brands last for days without chipping or ruining natural nails. A huge selection of colors is just what you need to find a match for you.

How do you change your nail polish?

Proper Nail Polish Change

Getting a manicure every week isn't necessary for proper maintenance of your nails. Here are a few simple tips for perfecting a polish change, which will make it look like your nails had a complete manicure makeover:
1. Remove all nail polish with acetone-free nail polish remover and wash hands thoroughly so there are no traces of lint left behind.
2. Apply one coat of base coat polish to your natural nail, or to the exposed area of artificial nails. For artificial nails, make sure to apply a base coat formulated for acrylics.
3. Apply your favorite shade of nail color and allow a few minutes to let dry before applying the second coat of nail color to your nails. 4. Use a top coat to seal in your color and protect your nails.
5. If you notice polish on your skin or cuticles, dip a small Q-tip or wooden stick in some nail polish remover and wipe away any leftover polish on your skin.
6. Apply one drop of cuticle oil to each cuticle.

Can I make a nail polish color no one else will have?

Create Your Own Color

Tired of wearing the same color nail polish? Try mixing two of your favorite colors together for a new color. Or, use a sheer frost color on top of your favorite nail polish color for a different effect. This creates a unique color that no one else will have but you!

Do I have to take special care of my natural nails?

Formaldehyde and Tolulene Free Products

Natural nails should be treated with care. Look for brands that have formaldehyde and tolulene free products in them before applying to your nails. These ingredients tend to make nails brittle and peel, and are not necessary in nail polish colors. But before you buy, read the label to make sure you're buying the best for your nails.

How do I keep my nail polish from becoming too thick to use?

Storing Your Nail Polish

Ever wonder why your mom kept more nailpolish in the refrigerator, next to all the food? Nailpolish will actually last longer being stored in a cool, dry place, like the refrigerator. Keep caps tightly secured and polish will not become thick as quickly as stored elsewhere.

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