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Why do my nails turn yellow?

Why Natural Nails Turn Yellow

Curious why your nails have a stained yellow look? According to professionals in the industry biz, wearing dark nail polish can be the answer. Darker color polish can cause a chemical reaction between the nail polishes coloring agent and the nail plate, according to nail queen Sally Hansen. This can happen in a matter of days or weeks of wearing the nailcolor. If you love your darks, but don't like the yellow-look, use a light buffer to rid nails of yellowness and use a base coat rich in vitamins to reduce the yellowing of nails.

Can tanning cause my nails to turn yellow?

Tanning Can Cause Yellow Nails

Are you noticing your fingernails and toenails are turning yellow after tanning? Try Essie Sun-E Tanning Bed Top Coat. As seen on, "This is the ultimate nail polish shield that protects nails from yellowing and discoloration due to tanning bed UV exposure." Make sure to protect nails just like your eyes and other sensitive areas.

Are base coats and ridge fillers imperative to maintaining natural healthy looking nails?

Maintain Healthy, Natural Nails

The foundation of your nail is important to keep healthy. But do you know the steps to maintaining a perfect nail? It starts with understanding the anatomy of your nail, which is imperative to maintain healthy, natural nails.
- The Nail plate: The plate is the part of the nail that's most visible, and usually the hardest part of your nail.
- The Nail folds: The skin around your nail that frames your nail plate.
- The Nail bed: Your nail bed is the skin beneath the nail plate.
- The Cuticle: Your cuticle is the tissue that overlaps your nail plate at the base of your nail. It protects the new keratin cells that slowly emerge from the nail bed.
- The Lunula: The lunula is the whitish portion of your nail, often in a half-moon shape, at the base of your nail underneath the plate.

Is there any way to add "bling" to my nailpolish?

Dress Up Your Nails With Opals

Want to wear real gemstones in your nail polish? Sound crazy? As seen in Allure and InStyle magazine's Sally Hansen has eight shades of new nailcolors that contain real crushed opal's. While the actual "opal" factor doesn't hold any claim to extra moisturizing or additional skin care, the opal-effect has a great light-bearing quality to the color. New Fire Opal Nail Glaze gives nails a fabulous look while others will notice you're extra bling.

Is there a good base coat that prolongs the wear of nail polish?

Prolonging the Life of Nail Color

Keeping your nail color on can be as difficult as maintaining the strength of your nails. Just as individual nails as different, so is the base coat that helps your nail color stay on longer. According to MSN Shopping, here are a list of the top five best selling base coats for your nails: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat; Nail Fortifying Base Protein Seche Base Ridge Filling Base Coat Nails Alive Thicken Up Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base Coat Available at major salon spa's and beauty supply stores.

Is there a nail product line exclusively for men?

Man-E-Cure Nail Products Exclusively For Men

Men should take just as good care of their nails as women do. Men can effectively clean up their nails, cuticles and skin around their nails in a little amount of time, and look good. As seen on, "Man-E-Cure leaves a subtle, matte finish, for a natural look. Tolulene and Formaldehyde Free gives the appearance of well groomed nails, a necessity for professional men."

What is NYX Nail?

NYX Nail

Even though the company is not based in New York, NYX Nails has a city edge that followers love. According to their website, NYX was named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night...and play on the sexy and sparkly nail colors NYX produces for consumers who rule the night life. As featured in YM, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, CosmoGirl, Elle, Glamour, and more, NYX Nail markets their color to the bold and daring consumers.

Are there certain nail polish brands you would recommend for natural nails?

Good Nail Polish Brands

OPI, Essie, and Lippman collection of nailpolish colors look great on all women. The names of these polishes are so funny they are hard to forget! Popular with spa's and at home, these brands last for days without chipping or ruining natural nails. A huge selection of colors is just what you need to find a match for you. Here's a tip: have a color you love and use every time you go to the salon? Buy it! You can walk out of the salon with the bottle of polish that you can keep in your purse or briefcase for last minute touch-ups.

Any new shades good for summertime?

Who is Essie?

Climbing to the top of the nail care market is Essie, a line of nailcare inspired by the fashion designs of Calvin Klein, Anna Sui and Jean Paul Gaultier. With a focus on cute, fun and flirty, Essie nail colors designed with the ultimate girly outfit in mind. Names like "Bikini With a Martini," and "Spaghetti Strap" are meant to make women feel sexy and sassy during summertime, according to the Essie website. Need a new shade for those hot summer nails? Take a look at Essie's new colors for this season and you'll never forget the color your wearing.

Is there a specific line to use for weak and brittle nails?

Nails Alive Helps Grow Strong Nails

With everyday living including typing on the keyboard, washing dishes, gardening and even environmental issues, maintaining the strength of brittle nails is difficult. Nails Alive is a product line known for strengthening weak and brittle nails. Manufactured from Formula 10, a 25-year-old company devoted to developing of nail care treatment products, Nails Alive offers a variety of choices to heal your nails from base coats to top coats and everyday strengtheners. You can purchase nail hardener products from Nails Alive through your beauty source store or through an online beauty supply site. Make sure to use these products ritually as this will aid in significant healing and promote healthy new growth.

How can I grow healthy nails while wearing great polish?

Grow Healthy and Strong Nails

Want to grow healthy nails while wearing a great polish? Nail queen Sally Hansen came out with her Maximum Growth Plus line with 40 different nail polish shades. As seen in Allure magazine, the new line boasts stronger and healthier nails in under one week. This new formula contains soy protein, along with antioxidant's and vitamins, to promote healthy growth and conditioning.

What's the hottest nail color for summer toes?

Who is Behind OPI?

Did you know OPI is a family-owned company? The fun names for the original OPI colors were created while sitting around the family kitchen table.

George Schaeffer, president and CEO of OPI, who immigrated to the U.S. as a child from post-World War II Eastern Europe, founded the company in 1981. His mission was to limit sales of the OPI product only to beauty professionals. OPI was the first nail color company to put batch numbers, instructions and ingredients on all of the OPI products.

Are fast drying top coats okay for natural nails?

Fast Drying Top Coats...Too Good to be True?

According to, fast drying nail polishes "...have a percentage of isopropyl alcohol (IPA)." IPA can cause nailpolish to dry fast but become flaky and peel quickly. A regular top coat that dries within 10 minutes works better and helps polish last longer.

Do top coats really make a difference in how long my polish lasts?

Top Coats: Will Your Color Last?

Top coats can have the final say in whether your polish lasts long, or not at all. Starting with fast dry top coats to non-yellowing top coats, you're sure to find one perfect to suit your needs. Applying a top coat helps protect the polish and work to strengthen your nails. You can re-apply a clean top coat every two days to keep the shine on your nail.

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