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Is there a good hand creme containing natural ingredients?

Eat Your Vegetables

Want a great hand creme that really rehydrates and makes a difference? Try CO Bigelow Dr. Hiosous Quince Hand Lotion. This creme "provides carrot seed extract that provide a barrier to dry hands and feet." Carrot seed oil is rich in carotol and has scientifically proven rejuvenating qualities. A barrier seals in moisture to protect outer layer and new skin cells underneath.

Is there a good product line for feet only?

Great Foot Care

As just seen in Allure magazine and recently reviewed in Lucky Magazine, Sally Hansen, famous for her nail products, has just come out with a new "Just Feet" line. This line comes with everything and anything needed to get and maintain sandal-friendly feet. From callous removers to masks, there is a product your feet are waiting for you to try. Want to see other's reviews? Many fashion magazines allow readers and consumers to comment on the products they review through online forums and discussion boards.

What is a good moisturizer for hands and nails?

Nourishment For Your Skin and Nails

Nails should always be cared for properly, and an important way to start is through skin care. What's the best product for your skin? It varies based on your likes and dislikes, and skin sensitivity, but no one can dispute the power of shea butter. Shea butter is a solid fatty oil made from the nuts of Karite Nut trees that grow in West and Central Africa. Shea butter is so beneficial, it's not only used in beauty products but also found in foods and can be used for cooking. Shea butter contains vegetable fats that promote cell regeneration and circulation, making this substance a healer for troubled skin. Try a moisturizer with shea butter and/or cocoa butter, as these have the best results.

Is there a decent smelling cuticle oil?

Cuticles That Look Good, and Smell Good

Cuticle oil helps rejuvinate your cuticles and keep your nails smooth. It's gentle enough to use everyday, but now you can use it as a fragranger, too. Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil, which is made with real Apricot Oil, massages into cuticles once or twice daily and seals in moisture while hydrating entire nail. Best of all, it smells great!

What is a good creme for cuticles and hands?

Why Almond-oil is Beneficial

Almond-oil doesn't just smell good, it works wonders for hands and nails. Almond oil hand creams are gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. The best way to benefit from almond oil is to use it in its natural state. In a lotion or creme, almond oil contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins D and E. Almond Oil is good for all skin types, including those with ultra-sensitive skin. Try rubbing left over creme into cuticles and watch your nails become stronger!

How do I put moisture back into my feet?

Replenishing Hydration in Feet

Your body works overtime, even when you're sleeping. For a very effective, and very intense, moisturizing regime, apply moisturizer to hands and feet before going to bed at night. This will help aid your feet in re-hydrating and replenishing through the night. Your hands can indulge in a good creme at night for moisturizing and re-hydration. You can see and feel the difference immediately in the morning.

Can I care for my hands and promote new cell growth on my nails at the same time?

Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

Dry and cracked hands can be an embarrassing problem for many people. You can take care of them by using a hand creme daily. For ultra-sensitive dry skin, try Neutrogena Hand Creme, which is approved by dermatologists for sensitive skin types. This gentle formula hydrates and also repairs damaged skin cells as well as help promoting strong new ones. For more intense treatments, look for body butters and cremes that are specially formulated for sensitive skin including, Korres, EcoGenics, or Bliss - all reputable brands that are approved by dermatologists and offer products specific to sensitive skin.

Is there a way to fight bacteria while moisturizing?

Fight Bacteria While Moisturizing

While using and sharing moisterizer can increase the level of bacteria being spread on your hands, there are some products available that work to decrease the bacteria count while moisterizing at the same time. Try Orba Original's Gardeners Hand Creme. This rich creme contains honey, a natural antiseptic, vitamins, and pure essential oils which act as intense therapy for hands.

Is there a way to save my cracked hands?

Save Your Hands

Want those dry, cracked hands to look fabulous again? Try using a hand exfoliator (a body exfoliator will work the same) daily followed by a heavy moisturizer with shea or cocoa butter. Results will be seen in as little as three days! Keep hands and nails clean and dry and replenish moisture at night and in the morning.

Is hemp oil good for hydration?

Hemp Anyone?

It may not be legal in other forms, but when it comes in a tube and is mixed with other natural ingredients, hemp is a legal and nurishing substance. Find a body and hand creme with natural hemp oil. Hemp oil is known for sealing in hydration and is water resistant, and when mixed with other scents including lavendar, cocoa butter and jasmine, hemp is a wonderful smelling and highly nurishing body lotion.

Do you have sensitive skin and therefore reluctantly try new products?

Sensitive Skin Scared to Try New Things?

Is your skin so sensitive that you haven't changed your moisturizer in a long time for fear of a reaction? Here is the biggest tip for sensitive skin types: No fragrance. Check with your local beauty supply store for Ahava Dermud Intensive Nourishing Hand Creme, which is great for sensitive skin types and at the same time replenishes lost moisture. There is no fragrance, and it also includes aloe vera which is great for all skin types. Be sure to ask your beauty specialist for other recommendations so that you can try sample products at home before buying.

Any good skincare line for sensitive skintypes?

Aveeno Products for Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin and find it hard to get your hands and feet really moisturized? Aveeno is a product line with a soy base so it is gentle for all skin types. Recently they have updated their products and now have a wide variety of skincare, nail and foot care products. Use one of their heavier creme's for a good nightly routine.

Is there a hand creme that gentle enough for a baby but works extra hard for dry hands?

Vitamin E and Hand Creme

Hand cremes with Vitamin E are gentle enough for babies, and can also ease the pain of a workman's hand. Dry rough hands and nails benefit from Vitamin E because it is a natural antioxidant, which means it aids in preventing further environmental damage to the skin while moisturizing at the same time.

What is the best products for natural nails?

Always Use Alcohol-Free Products

When keeping your hands and nails moisturized remember to use alcohol free products. Alcohol dries out the skin and has an opposite effect on healing. While the products may cost less and smell good, your skin will feel "addicted" the alcohol-infused lotion. Your skin will start to feel dry quicker and "crave" the product being used because it feels better after moisturizing again.

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