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What are the newest colors for summer nails?

Great Colors For Summertime Nails

Summer is here and bright colors are back! Try using the hottest new pinks and corals, on your toes only if you're not that daring, and let those nails shine. Make sure to use a base coat, two coats of polish (applied thinly), and a top coat. Reapply topcoat daily to prevent chipping and keep nails tough.

Should I change my nail polish as the season's change?

Keep Your Nails Trendy

Trying to keep up with seasonal holiday trends? Try matching nail polish to appropriate holiday. St. Patty's Day? Try bright green to get you in a cheery 'ol mood. Heading to Mardi Gras? Do a variety of colors on every nail. Christmas? Red and white french manicures are always a hit. Fourth of July? You guessed, white, and blue.

Is there something I can do on my nails that's different?

Bling For Your Nails

We all want a little bling now and then, and an easy way to get some is on your nails. Your local nail salon will be able to accentuate your manicure with rhinestones in various colors. Or, for a more dramatic effect, show your significant other your love by spelling out his or her name on your nails in rhinestones. Adding some sparkle to your nails is easy to do and can be added in various designs. Want to do it yourself? Most beauty supply stores sell nail accessories that you can add yourself. If you want to splurge, indulge in Swarovski Crystals on your nails.

How do I keep my nails professional but natural looking?

Keep Nails Looking Professional With a French Manicure

Like a natural look for your fingernails and toenails? Aren't daring enough to go bold even on your toes? A french manicure is perfect for both winter and summer and everything in between. Yes, a french manicure can be done on toes as well as fingers for a natural, easy look. Try pampering yourself by going to the spa to have it done professionally.

What are the best resources for my cuticles?

Best Bets For Cuticles

According to fashion magazines, most manicurists agree that beautiful nails begin with proper cuticle maintenance. Here, three products manicurists suggest for your cuticles, according to Ladies Home Journal. -Almay Organic Fluoride Plus Well-Groomed Cuticle Scrub ($7) is a cleansing gel that helps to soften hard, dry cuticles. -Sally Hansen Get Healthy Nails and Cuticles Multi-Vitamin Creme ($7), with vitamin C, pro vitamin B, and protein, hydrates cuticles and strengthens nails in one step. -OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil ($11) is rich with avocado oil, a natural skin smoother; oil seals in moisture.

Do the seasons have anything to do with why my nails are so brittle and thin?

Protect Brittle and Thin Nails in Any Season

No matter what season it is, nails can become brittle and thin in any environment. Protect your nails by using rubber gloves when washing dishes as detergent can dehydrate the skin and cuticle. Also, beware of hand and nail cremes and moisturizers that contain alcohol, as this also leads to dry and brittle nails.

What can I do with my nails for Valentine's Day that is different?

Valentine's Day Idea's For Nails

Valentine's day and not a lot of cash? Get into the mood by creating a look of love on your fingernails! Bright reds always work, but try adding stencils or using white polish to draw heart's of love on the tips of your nails. Get in the mood with "love colors" like reds, pinks and purples.


Nails Are an Accessory to Fashion

Bernadette Thompson, manicurist to celebs including Madonna and Kate Hudson, says the stars are adapting the new wave of nail art. Nails have become an important accessory to your wardrobe for the seasons, and with an average cost of $14 for a basic manicure, this is one accessory that most can affordable to indulge in once a month. "The well-manicured woman is expressing how she feels about herself and how she wants to be perceived by others." --Meredith Perez and Dorie Edelstein

Do I need to change my polish when the seasons change?

Change Your Nail Polish With Your Wardrobe

As the seasons change so does our wardrobe. Nail polish has become an important accessory to any and all outfits. Darker colors are usually worn in winter as lighter colors are picked for summer time. Deep maroons, plums, and french tips are always perfect for the winter time. Lighter shades like baby pink, hot pink, coral's, bright red's and peaches, and of course french tips are hot for summer's heatwave.

Can I accessorize with matching nail polish and lipstick?

Nail Polish: An Easy Way to Accessorize

Want to have the perfect look for summer and winter? An easy way to make your wardrobe perfect is to coordinate lipstick with nail polish. This tends to bring the look together and feel complete. Many companies sell the two together or finding a matching color is pretty simple. If you have the perfect nail color without a matching lipstick, opt for a sheer gloss with the color in the same hue.

How can I spice up my French Manicure?

New Trends For The French Manicure

Gone are the days of the standard pink-and-white French manicure. Today's French manicure look is bold, brave and daring with nail polish colors that go according to the seasons. "It's all about indulgence," says Jan Arnold, co-founder of Creative Nail Design, the California-based manufacturer of trendy nail products. For autumn and fall French manicures, use deep red, plum, brown and gold, for the base color or tip color. Spring colors like deep pinks and mauves, or purples and hues of red offer a nice touch to the beds of nails.

What can I do with my nails for Halloween?

Fun Nail Ideas For Halloween

Want to make the most of Halloween? Try using stencils on top of black nail polish to create a creepy effect. Or do a french manicure and pedicure in black and white. Using stencils and designs are easy to match with any costume, or just for fun around the Halloween season.

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