Man-E-Cure Nail Products Exclusively For Men

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Is there a nail product line exclusively for men?

Man-E-Cure Nail Products Exclusively For Men

Men should take just as good care of their nails as women do. Men can effectively clean up their nails, cuticles and skin around their nails in a little amount of time, and look good. As seen on, "Man-E-Cure leaves a subtle, matte finish, for a natural look. Tolulene and Formaldehyde Free gives the appearance of well groomed nails, a necessity for professional men."



12/21/2007 1:37:24 PM
Jake Kowalski said:

OPI makes a product called "Nail Envy" that does a great job of conditioning and strengthening nails. The matte finish is especially suited for men and leaves a non-glossy finish that looks like a fresh manicure. It is very well suited for toes too since toenails need extra care due to the sustained high moisture level when shoes are worn.


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