Easy Way to a Beautiful Manicure

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How do I get the perfect manicure for any occassion?

Easy Way to a Beautiful Manicure

Want an easy tip on how to get the best manicure? Try doing your nails an hour or two before bedtime. Take a hot shower in the morning. The steam will cause the nailpolish on your cuticles and fingers glide right off. Because you used a topcoat the nailpolish on fingernail itself will stay. This in turn makes nails look perfect for any occasion.



8/8/2009 7:29:05 AM
Tiger said:

I disagree with doing your nails an hour or two before bedtime. Nailpolish takes longer to actually dry and "cure" than you think... Anywhere from 24 to 48 hours! If you polish your nails before bedtime, you'll wake up in the morning with creases and a "waffle" appearance from your bedding and blankets. This is because the enamel, though it FELT dry when you went to bed, was still soft and pliable enough to be damaged. To correct this kind of damage, buffing with a fine emery pad will remove a thin layer of polish, and with it some of the creasing. You can then apply a coat of clear polish to fill in the remaining creases and bring back the shine.
The best time to do your nails is in the morning, giving you an entire day to let them dry thoroughly, before adding a new coat the following day.


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