Taking Care Underneath Your Nail

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How do I prevent nail fungus?

Taking Care Underneath Your Nail

An important aspect of nail care is taking care of the skin underneath the nail. Nail fungus and nail disorders are common, but if left untreated can cause the nail to separate from the bed of the skin. Nail fungus occurs more in the toe nails than in the hands, because the feet are generally more exposed to dirt and germs through sneakers, shoes, grass, streets, and more. To cure any infections or fungus in your nails, you should: - Washing your feet with soap and water daily and dry thoroughly. - Wear rubber shoes or shower clogs in communal areas - Wear everyday shoes that have sufficient toe space and avoid shoes made of synthetic materials. - Alternate pairs of shoes to allow them to air out and get out of wet shoes immediately. - If you wear socks and your feet sweat, always bring an extra pair of socks with you and change socks twice a day. - Use drying powders to help keep your feet dry, but avoid corn starch, which feeds any bacteria or fungi that may be present.



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