Nailcare Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do before applying nailpolish?

Why do I get bubbles when my nailpolish dries?

How do I take good care of my nails?

Do you moisturize your hands and feet as much as the rest of your body?

How should I maintain my nail length?

How do I get my nails to feel harder and keep the polish on longer?

How often are you using nail polish remover?

What is a good way to stop biting my nails?

How should I care for my cuticles?

What is an easy way to relax and care for my hands at the same time?

Is there a hand and foot treatment available to add onto spa treatments?

How do I prevent nail fungus?

Why do I have white spots on my nails?

How can I protect my nails while helping them grow?

Is there a difference in footfiles?

Should I invest in a manicure/pedicure set?

What is a good hydrator for my cuticles?

Is there a difference in nail clipper sizes?

What type of file should I use for my artificial nails?

Is there a certain nailfile I should use on my natural nails?

What's the best topcoat most nail spa's use?

When should I use an acetone nail polish remover?

Are nail clippers allowed on airplanes?

How should I be filing my nails?

Is there a quck and easy way to relieve tired achy feet?

What can I do for ridges in my nails from picking at them?

What is a good moisturizer for hands and nails?

What is a good creme for cuticles and hands?

Is hemp oil good for hydration?

Is there a hand creme that gentle enough for a baby but works extra hard for dry hands?

Is there a way to save my cracked hands?

What is the best products for natural nails?

How do I put moisture back into my feet?

Any good skincare line for sensitive skintypes?

Is there a good product line for feet only?

Is there a way to fight bacteria while moisturizing?

Can I care for my hands and promote new cell growth on my nails at the same time?

Do you have sensitive skin and therefore reluctantly try new products?

Is there a good hand creme containing natural ingredients?

Is there a decent smelling cuticle oil?

Are there certain nail polish brands you would recommend for natural nails?

Are fast drying top coats okay for natural nails?

What's the hottest nail color for summer toes?

How can I grow healthy nails while wearing great polish?

Is there any way to add "bling" to my nailpolish?

Why do my nails turn yellow?

Is there a specific line to use for weak and brittle nails?

Any new shades good for summertime?

Is there a good base coat that prolongs the wear of nail polish?

Are base coats and ridge fillers imperative to maintaining natural healthy looking nails?

Do top coats really make a difference in how long my polish lasts?

Is there a nail product line exclusively for men?

Can tanning cause my nails to turn yellow?

What is NYX Nail?

What are the newest colors for summer nails?

Do I need to change my polish when the seasons change?

How do I keep my nails professional but natural looking?

Do the seasons have anything to do with why my nails are so brittle and thin?

Can I accessorize with matching nail polish and lipstick?

What can I do with my nails for Halloween?

Is there something I can do on my nails that's different?

What can I do with my nails for Valentine's Day that is different?

Should I change my nail polish as the season's change?

How can I give myself a pedicure at home?

How can I make my manicure last?

What are the best resources for my cuticles?

How can I spice up my French Manicure?

Are there certain nail polish lines you would recommend for natural nails?

Do I have to use a base coat and top coat?

How do I get polish off my cuticles and fingers after applying nail polish?

How do I get the perfect manicure for any occassion?

How do I keep nails looking their best?

How do I keep my nail polish from becoming too thick to use?

Can certain colors of nail polish change the way my finger shape looks?

Can I make a nail polish color no one else will have?

Do I have to take special care of my natural nails?

How can I be sure my nail salon is clean?

What's the best sanitation advice for nail technicians?

How do you change your nail polish?

How long will a manicure last?

Will artificial nails stop me from biting my nails?

What can I do to keep my nailpolish from chipping after one application?

How can I get my nails to appear and feel harder?

How do I care for my natural nails if I decide to remove the artificial one?

What does it mean if I have yellow nails?

What are some easy steps to take care of my nails?

What should I look for at the manicurists?

What's the best way to trim my baby's fingernails?

Could I be allergic to nailpolish?

Do I need to get regular manicures to keep my nails healthy?

How often should I remove nail polish?

What are the ingredients of nail polish?

What's in nail hardener?

How do I best strengthen my nails?

Can men use nail hardener?

How can I help my tired and cracked feet?

Why do I get bubbles when my nail polish dries?

Why do bubbles form when my nail polish dries?

How should I be taken care of my cuticles?

How should I be taking care of my cuticles?

What will my natural nails be like after I remove the acrylic ones?

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