Simple Steps to Caring for Your Nails

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What are some easy steps to take care of my nails?

Simple Steps to Caring for Your Nails

There is no miracle nail care cure, but caring for your nails can result in your nails looking their best. Here are a few simple steps to properly care for your nails:
- Use tools, not your fingernails, to pick, poke or pry things.
- Don't bite your nails or pick at your cuticles. - Protect your nails by wearing rubber gloves when using soap and water for prolonged periods or when using harsh chemicals.
- Routinely trim your fingernails and clean under the nails regularly.
- Never pull off hangnails, but clip them with cuticle clippers.
- Moisturize your nails frequently.



4/23/2007 7:44:29 AM
La'fawnda said:

well it is very hard to use tools instead of your nails. and my problem is that my fingernails bend very easily

what can i do??

5/21/2009 5:11:00 PM
nail freak said:

what if our nails still keep chipping. i've tried every single tip and they still break


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