Nail Polish Remover No-No's

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How often are you using nail polish remover?

Nail Polish Remover No-No's

Are you using nailpolish remover on a daily basis? STOP! Nailpolish remover should be used a little as possible as the chemicals in nailpolish remover can dehydrate nails, cuticles, and fingertips. Always make sure to use an acetone-free nailpolish remover with natural nails. However, acetone can be used on artificial nails because the artificial nail protects the natural nail from the acetone. If possible, only use nail polish remover once a week to protect your nails.



3/20/2007 9:24:26 AM
Segat1 said:

Uh, acetone will dissolve artifical nails. ALways use non-acetone remover on artifical nails.


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